Repose Studio opened it's doors in July 2011 by partners and sisters Tracy & Glenys Reynolds. 

Repose Studio is a luxurious exercise studio based in the heart of West Essex.  When we opened our doors 6 years ago we recognised there was a demand for a new approach to fitness.  Since then we are seeing new boutique studio's open on almost every street and a new style of exercise is helping to change the face of the industry.  What we feel is still really lacking is the need to cater for the "every day" person.  For those who don't necessarily want to work out for 2 hours a day until we are sick, BUT for remaining 90% of people who know that exercise is essential for good health, keeping your weight and fat levels under control and feeling good.  What we have created is a space that does not feel like a gym, where exercise is taken seriously with a fun element that makes it enjoyable.  We do not expect you to work at levels that are not comfortable for you but we do encourage you to push yourelf when you are ready.  We still get great, if not better results than traditional gyms as we treat you as an individual and allow you to find your own natural path to the exercise that works best for you.  If this sounds like somewhere you would like to come and workout, we would love to see you progress.  Please text us (07557 340447) ANY questions you have, it is always one of us at the end of the phone.

Tracy & Glenys xx

Our Story.... 


We both used to attend classes at our local gym, mostly Body Pump, Spin & Yoga.  Whilst we were both fairly fit, we always struggled with our weight.  We both had Personal Trainers to try to improve our fitness and body shape and as larger ladies we were always trying the latest diet. We enjoyed our gym classes and the social aspect of mixing with the other regular gym members but we wanted real results and just could not seem to achieve them.


We were recommended to take a Power Plate course by a friend who was amazed at the results.  We both took up a 6 week Power Plate course and was totally blown away with the results.  6 weeks of Power Plate gave us better results than 6 years at the gym - we couldn't believe it.


At this time we both worked for the same company and due to economic reasons the company went in to administration and we were led to look for a new business idea. Opening a Power Plate studio seemed like the obvious next step.  We both took fitness & Power Plate courses and met up with other Power Plate studio owners who offered us great tips and advice. Now 6 years on we are still learning and loving the amazing technology that the Power Plate offers. 


Although you will NEVER get a better workout than a 25 minute Power Plate class, we realise that people like variety.  We opened a mini-gym space for those people who like to use cardio equipment or do their own thing in the gym.  We also run circuit and bootcamp style classes in the mini-gym with more classes coming soon.  


Adding in Yoga this year means we offer the perfect balance of cardio, strength & restorative exercise.  We LOVE coming to work every day and we hope that rubs off on to our clients.

WHAT MAKES US DIFFERENT?  We really do cater for the every day person.  We don't need you to want to run a marathon, or be the fittest person in Essex.  BUT we strongly emphasise that to KEEP GOOD HEALTH, especially in your later years YOU HAVE TO MOVE DAILY.  Exercise is one of the biggest components to good health.


What we dont want to do, is put you off exercise.  Previous experience in other gyms or studios where you may have been expected you to workout in a way that is not comfortable for you is not the Repose way!  We will happily accomodate what you need to get the best out of your experience with us.  We can ease you in genlty and motivate you when you are ready for a something more.


More importantly, we have made sure our environment is friendly, welcoming and inclusive of EVERYONE!  Come and see us - we love to chat about how much we enjoy getting people back to fitness.


Book a FREE TRIAL class or an overall introduction to our studio


If you are nervous or haven't been to a gym for a while, or ever!  TEXT: INDUCTION to me (Glenys) on 07557340447.  I will happily show you around the studio, advise you on the best method of exercise for you and explain how the Power Plate can help you get super fit - super fast.  We are happy for you to pay as you train or join us in a memerbship.  THE REPOSE WAY is about finding an exercise you enjoy and will stick too.  It is possible to love working out, you just have to try it and see.  :-)  

We hope to see you soon xx.

Opening Hours

Mon:     7 am - 12pm        2pm - 9:30pm

Tue:      7.30 am - 12pm     4pm - 9pm

Wed:     7am - 12pm     3pm - 9pm

Thurs:  8am - 12pm      4pm - 9pm

Fri:       7am - 12pm     3pm - 7pm

Sat:      8am - 12pm

Sun:     8am - 12pm

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