Our studio runs 25 minute instructor-led classes every half hour.  Group class sessions are for a maximum of seven people, from the gym shy beginner to the most advanced athlete. We provide a wide range of different classes to suit different fitness levels and specific body areas.  Each session begins with a warm-up and ends with stretching and a massage.  No one will feel intimidated at Repose Studio!  

Please turn up five minutes before each session and allow 10 minutes if you are new to Repose Studio.

Repose Studio is a luxurious and elegant space to exercise in and includes a separate relaxation and changing area.  So while your workout may be fast, you’ll never feel rushed before or after your class.  If you are new to Repose Studio, we usually advise you to complete at least six Full Body general workouts before trying any of our cardio based classes.  


ONLINE BOOKING: If you would like to use our online booking facility please contact us for your personal login.



FULL BODY GENERAL - This is our most popular class as it caters for all fitness levels.  During your 25 minute class the instructor guides you through a total body workout  - you will increase muscular strength, accelerate metabolism, reduce the appearance of cellulite, reduce stress and aid in weight loss.  We would advise that all newcomers to Repose Studio choose this class to start with.


POWER HIIT (cardio) -  Double the fitness in half the time.  HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) is one of the most talked about fitness trends. The principle is that you exercise within 70 - 80% of your maximum heart rate for short but intense periods of time. This form of training can improve your aerobic and anaerobic capacity and reduce the amount of sugar in your blood stream.  In short HIIT burns fat fast and causes your body to continue burning fat for a period after you've worked out. This exciting new 25 minute concept is the ultimate in high intensity training.  Burn up to 650 calories within 25 minutes.- 


POWER CIRCUIT -  For up to 10 people including the Power Plate stations this is a fun but tough workout for the more advanced. A high energy, fun workout to help build muscle strength, stamina and power, this class continues to burn calories by incorporating dynamic exercises both on and off the Power Plate targeting the upper and lower body, as well as the core. Designed for intermediate to advanced clients with previous experience in strength training and Power Plate exercise.  A great class for toning and weight loss!


POWER ABS CIRCUIT - Get your ab's in shape.  This is a Power Plate class with the main emphasis on targeting your whole abdominal area. Strengthen your core, taper the waist line and go for that six pack!


POWER BOXING -  Love the power plates and love boxing? Power Plate Boxing is a great way to get fit, stay in shape and take that aggression out.  Interact with other clients who love to box too in this energetic and fun class. A fun high energy workout for all levels and abilities, consisting of a mixture of boxing with the Power Plate.  Increase your stamina, strength, speed and coordination as you box your way to a fitter and leaner body in just 25 minutes.  This class is a great calorie burner.  This class is an advanced level. 


POWER 9/POWER UP/POWER 45 - These are high energy, fast moving classes.  Let our trainers guide you through a mixture of exercises on the Power Plate combined with cardio both on and off the plate.  Be prepared to work hard and be prepared to sweat.  These area great calorie burners.


POST NATAL (full body) - Once you have been signed off for exercise around week 12 you can begin to start getting your body back in shape.  An estimated 80% of the female population will give birth and a large majority of these women will be seeking guidance on how to get back into shape. The Power Plate Post Pregnancy workout represents the ideal way to achieve accelerated results for new mums. This Acceleration Training workout combines core and pillar exercises to help new mums regain connection and strength in the pelvic floor, the abdomen and back muscles, which can be weakened through pregnancy and childbirth.  

Acceleration Training is ideal for women who are looking to shape up after giving birth as this workout is only 25 minutes and you can bring your baby with you. 


STRETCH & MASSAGE WITH MEDITATION - Enjoy a stretch & Massage class to relax the muscles, followed by a short unwinding meditation.  Using the advantages of Power Plate technology to improve your flexibility and range of motion - help promote longer leaner muscles.   This class ends with a 7 minute meditation whilst allowing the Power Plate to massage and ease out any remaining tension.   This is a great addition to any exercise regime.  Suitable for all levels.



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