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Aside from being qualified trainers we have in our team, a teacher, stylist, accountant, Parish Councillor, therapist, Sports Masseuse, nutritionist & mums!


The trainers here are a team, and they work together to do what's best for the client, which includes setting clients. They have incredible range in their abilities along with dynamic personalities. You won't be bored!

We have created an intimate studio area for you to either book one of our fully qualified Personal Trainers or bring your own Personal Trainer.  The training environment has an energetic atmosphere. Set in a luxury studio where there is never any over crowding as we cap the number of clients in the studio at any given time. 


Fully Qualified Personal Trainer, Power Plate instructor and Sports Massage Therapist. Rachels PT sessions are fun whilst getting you great results. Her own fantastic body shape is a great motivator for us all.  Now recently qualified in Baby Massage too. 


Fully qualified Fitness Instructor and Certified Power Plate Trainer. Nicky has a passion for nutrition and weight loss. Now (just!) over 40, she understands the diet and fitness challenges women of a similar age face. 


Fully Qualified Personal Trainer and Power Plate instructor. As a working mum Nadine understands the struggles of keeping trim and managing a family.  Her enthusiasm for her training means you push yourself harder than you would believe.  Nadine specialises in body conditioning, cardio fitness, and weight loss offering personalised programmes, nutritional advice and training sessions available for all ages and fitness levels.  As a very keen runner she is a great at coaching for Marathon training and obstacle race preperation. With Nadine you achieve your fitness goals in a safe and effective manner. Nadine has inspired the running cub at Repose - from sofa to running 5K! Nadine loves a challenge herself and is running in the London Marathon this year.


Glenys runs the START SLOW & STAY MOTIVATED programme. This is for anyone who has really got out of shape, hasn't exercised for a while, or ever.  Has given up on ever gettng fit and healthy, lacks motivation to exercise or generally is too intimidated to join a class or a gym.  This is a three month programme - it's a slow start, working you up to a great level of fitness and stamina.  You will notice big body and weight changes.  You can use this programme at home or in our mini-gym.  Please text Glenys START SLOW to 07557 340447 and she will call you.  


"Anyone can lose weight and get fit - YOU JUST HAVE TO START, let me help you get back to better fitness" - Glenys

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Instructor-led Power Plate classes