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Aside from being qualified trainers, our team is made up of a teacher, stylist, accountant, Parish Councillor, therapist, Sports Massager, nutritionist & mums!


The trainers here are a team, we all work together to do what's best for the client and ensuring we reach client goals. Our trainers have a widr variety of abilities along with dynamic personalities. You really won't be bored!


If you are not sure what trainer would be the most suitable for your individual needs, please just ask us and we will guide you.


Premier Level 3 Advanced Personal Training

Professional Diploma Level 5 BTEC in Sport & Remedial Massage Therapy


Several years experience working within the health and fitness industry, in both group and one to one

training.  Currently working towards a Diploma in Teaching Infant Massage And Pregnancy & Post-Natal Massage & Remedial Therapy.


Specialising in weight loss and muscular conditioning. Passionate at setting and reaching your specific achievable goals, giving you that extra push to succeed with fun varied         sessions.

Get maximum results in a minimum time with training designed especially for you.


Her own fantastic body shape is a great motivator for us all


Fun facts:

1 I used to do figure skating and was a teddy bear in a pantomime 
2 I sleep talk 
3 I was once a sock model 
4 In my younger years I could stand and squat on a stability ball



Fully qualified Fitness Instructor, Certified Power Plate Trainer & Nutrition & Weight Management Coach.


I aim to make every group and one to one session challenging and fun! 


Now (just!) over 40, I understand the diet and fitness challenges women of a similar age face and my passion for nutrition and weight loss led me to qualify and specialise in Nutrition & Weight Management, Pre & Post natal nutrition, child nutrition & sports nutrition. I offer personalised fitness and nutritional therapy programmes and advice suitable for all ages. 


Fun facts:

1. I have more tupperware than shoes 

2. I can remember song lyrics I haven't heard for 20 years 

3. I often take my own vegetables to restaurants (in Tupperware!) as they never have the ones I like.






Premier Level 3 Personal Trainer & Fitness Instructor and Postural Assessment and Corrective Exercise Trainer


Mature female Personal Trainer with a passion for fitness!  Specialising in body conditioning, cardio fitness and weight loss. I offer personalised programmes, nutritional advice and training sessions suitable for all ages and fitness levels.  Being a extremely keen runner myself I am able to advise and coach on marathon and obstacle race preperation training to help you achieve your fitness goals in a safe effective manner


Fun facts:

1. I run for fun, the muddier the better! 
2. Im a self confessed shopaholic!  

3. I’m shamefully addicted to watching the Real Housewives! 


Fully qualified Fitness Instructor and Certified Power Plate Trainer.
I have a passion for seeing just what the body can do! I enjoy extreme workouts and use crossfit as an influence in my classes and PT sessions. Im also introducing the next generation to health and fitness as I teach PE at a local primary school. I'm soon to be a qualified nutrition coach-so watch this space! 
Fun facts: 
  1. I take the ‘R’ and ‘L’ on my headphones pretty seriously. (But left is my favourite)
  2. I much prefer odd numbers.. stereo volume, door numbers etc. 
  3. I'm a bit of a geek about fonts so I created 3 of my own


Personal & Certified Power Plate Trainer

Certified in Stress Management, Colour Therapy & Adult Psychology


Glenys runs the START SLOW & STAY MOTIVATED programme. This is for anyone who has really got out of shape, hasn't exercised for a while, or ever.  Has given up on ever gettng fit and healthy, lacks motivation to exercise or generally is too intimidated to join a class or a gym.  This is a three month programme - it's a slow start, working you up to a great level of fitness and stamina.  You will notice big body and weight changes.  You can use this programme at home or in our mini-gym.  Please text Glenys START SLOW to 07557 340447 and book in a time to meet for a chat.  


Fun Facts:

1. I've seen a UFO

2: I am Parish Councillor for Buckhurst Hill West

                                                                   3: I LOVE Spiders


"Anyone can lose weight and get fit - YOU JUST HAVE TO START, let me help you get back to better fitness" - Glenys


Fully qualified Fitness Instructor and Certified Power Plate Trainer.
Our health is so important it allows us to enjoy life fully.  This is why I love that the Power Plate helps us in an effective way.  I am a Danish, newish mum, wife and currently loving London life.  Alongside my Personal Training I am also a about Styling & Life Coaching
Feel free to follow along on instagram @ScandinavianStylist
Fun Facts:
I. I can bike and do Power Plate in heels
2. I have been diving with a fish inside my googles
3. I can pick up a small match box with my teeth and just my feet touching the floor

Our gym space is perfect for any PT wanting to hire somewhere intimate to train their own clients.  We have an over crowding policy and cap the number of clients in the gym at any given time. Please contact us to look around or to book a time.

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