Power Plate Classes

Repose Studio is the only dedicated Power Plate studio in West Essex, offering a luxurious studio with a very friendly team who value your personal goals. With a maximum of seven per class, it's practically personal training in a small group.  Whether you love the gym or hate it, Repose Studio offers a new dimension and refreshing change to exercise. 


Every level of physical ability can take part and everyone is welcome. There is no other exercise that offers so many benefits in just a 25 minute workout. 

Celebs love 'em, Athletes love 'em, and gym-goers who get a

chance to experience one swear by 'em

You will see noticeable results within two weeks.  The Power Plate is a medically certified, revolutionary way of getting a fast, and effective workout in a very short time.


Scientifically proven to be quicker and more effective at helping you lose weight and tone than ANY other form of exercise. A 25 minute instructor-led class is equivalent to working out at the gym for an hour and a half, showing incredible results in just a few sessions.

Did you know - ONE MONTH of Power Plate class offers better results than ONE YEAR of traditional exercise!

JUST 3 x 25 minute classes a week is all the excercise you need.  Better results in half the time.  With this revolutionary technology, within just a few sessions you will see and feel the difference.  You might think that you need hour-long orkouts, most days of the week, in order to get fit and shed extra pounds.  Well, good nes


You might think that you need hour-long workouts, most days of the week, in order to get fit and shed extra pounds. Well, good news: according to studies, bursts of high-intensity exercise are actually more effective. So hop on Power Plate for 25 minutes a day and get your muscles working instantly, for a total-body burn in less time. That way, you can get in, get out, and get back to your busy day.


A fast, effective & affordable way to get fit & healthy

The small group classes at Repose are helping all physical abilities, ages and weight ranges, dramatically improving fitness, health, beauty & well-being. The Power Plate is a revolutionary technology using up to 98% muscle fibre, compared to 20% on traditional gym equipment.  This accelerated training technique is a complete, full body workout with no impact to your joints. These classes are both for cardio and strengthening.  


With a maximum of 7 per class it is practically Personal Training at a class price.  No one is left to their own devises and all the classes are fun.

You've heard the BUZZ now FEEL IT!  

 TRADE FAT for muscle, burn more calories, stay young & rid cellulite.

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Not worked out for ages, got out of shape, feel intimidated in other workout environments? Give yourself a gentle ease back in and get your weight, health and fitness under control.  If you start slow you will be surprised how quickly you improve.

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Instructor-led Power Plate classes