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One of the most exciting developments in the field of anti-ageing and health, is now available in Buckhurst Hill, West Essex. Based on Whole Body Vibration technology, Power-Plate boasts a number of benefits for users, including significant improvement in the skins’ appearance and texture, and a reduction in the appearance of cellulite.  

Whole Body Vibration training on the Power-Plate creates an intense workout that affects virtually every muscle in the body. This causes the brain to produce enormous blood flow throughout the entire body while also causing a dramatic spike in Human Growth Hormone (HGH) which is key to the repair and regeneration of tissues. At the same time there is a rise in testosterone, and significant elevation of neurotransmitters and endorphins which help to suppress pain and elevate one’s mood respectively. During the first 90 seconds of use the Power-Plate will begin to boost the body’s production of collagen, as well as work to increase flexibility and range of motion. These elements combine to give the user a marked advantage in the fight for a trim, taut body!

Scientific research has shown that Power-Plate produces a positive effect on lymphatic drainage as well as helping to improve blood circulation. Power-Plate assists the body in producing collagen, and will also enhance the production and release of key regenerative hormones such as HGH. In combing these four elements Power-Plate is leading the fight against cellulite! People who use Power-Plate for just 25 minutes, three times a week, also report a fast improvement in areas where fat is typically stored – ie thighs, stomach and buttocks! Study: Impact of Power-Plate on Cellulite An established and respected dermatology centre in Germany studied the effects of Power-Plate on cellulite levels in 60 women. After 6 months, the participants showed a significant decrease in cellulite levels by exercising only 3 times a week for an average of just 11 minutes on the Power-Plate per session. A group combining Power-Plate with cardio-fitness took four times as long to achieve only a marginally better result, proving that the most of the result can be attributed to the Power-Plate. The Power-Plate will also leave it’s users with an overall feeling of youth and energy thanks to its effects on increasing serotonin (the happiness hormone) in the body. This means greater mental stimulation and improved basic brain functions (such as better concentration). Almost immediately you will notice positive influences to your overall strength and well-being. By decreasing cortisol levels, the Power-Plate helps eliminate the effects of stress making the Power-Plate a great tool for relaxation.



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