It’s the A List celebrity secret.....but what is a Power Plate and more importantly, will it work for you?

Elle McPherson, Courtney Cox, Sting, Dannii Minogue, Colin Jackson & Serena Williams are just a few of the many celebs and athletes that put their toned bodies down to regular use of the Power Plate. It’s no wonder, research has shown that combined with healthy eating the Power Plate is three times more effective at keeping you trim than regular exercise.


The Power plate is a vibrating platform originally created by Russian Scientists to prevent astronaut’s muscles wasting away in space. Medically certified with scientific proven results, this revolutionary technology forces your muscles to contract over 30 times a second, helping you tone much quicker. For best results Power Plate recommend instructor- led classes, giving you a full body workout, including warm-up, stretch and massage. A typical session consists of completing a series of movements which you hold or perform for 30 -60 seconds. The trainer assesses your own fitness levels and you work according to your individual ability. Each class ends with a a relaxing Power Plate massage. 

To understand how gravity affects your workout, let's briefly revisit Newton's Second Law of Motion, which you probably learned back in high school:

Force = Mass x Acceleration

Simply put, what this means is you can improve your strength or stability by either applying more mass (weight) or more acceleration to your body.

Free weights and weight machines use the first half of this equation – mass. And that's why you must keep increasing mass – or weight – to see results in your strength.

What if there was a way, instead, to effectively use the second half of the equation – acceleration?

With this scenario, weights wouldn't necessarily be needed and you'd eliminate the high impact and high stress factors associated with them, so it will be a whole lot easier.


Repose Studio is West Essex's only dedicated Power Plate Studio - specialising in delivering the most advanced Power Plate workouts available, offering clients a fast and effective 25 minute workout. Whether you love the gym or hate it, Repose Studio offers a new dimension and refreshing change to exercise. To achieve your dream body you should have between two to three sessions a week. Every level of physical ability can take part. There is no other workout that offers so many benefits in just a 25 minute workout - and it’s fun too!

Get speedy results with this remarkable exercise technology.

Power Plate has transformed the world of workouts. The machine's equipment offers the next generation of fitness technology, providing one of the most efficient workouts available through Acceleration training exercise.  The vibrations activate muscle reflexes when you exercise, delivering a full body workout in a fraction of the time it could take at the gym.  

The Power Plate is a new, quick result, accelerated training technology and is endorsed by many A-list celebrities, Premier League football clubs and professional sportsmen, as it increases results in less than half the time of a standard workout.                                     

 A series of exercises lasting 30 seconds to 1 minute,  with a rest period of similar duration in between, is  performed on a raised “plate” carried out for 20  minutes with a 5 minute stretching and massage  section at the end. When you watch a Power Plate  machine, the vibration is invisible to the naked eye.  Yet the surface is moving a few millimetres, up to  50 times a second. This revolutionary training  technique delivers harmonic vibration to the body,  stimulating a natural reflex that contracts the  muscle 25-40 times a second (compared to once or  twice a second normally) - using up to 98% of  muscle fibres, compared to approximately 20%  with traditional gym equipment.  This means a 20  minute workout on the power plate is equivalent to  an hour and a half at a regular gym. Power plates  can be used by people of all ages and physical  abilities, to help improve their fitness, health and  well-being.   

 The vibrations produced by the Power Plate  machine stimulate the muscle pump effect, which  causes an immediate increase in blood flow. 

This can improve the body's ability to transport oxygen, macro - and micro-nutrients around the body as well as dispersing toxic waste products such as lactic acid more efficiently. More than just an exercise machine, the Power Plate machine offers the capacity for whole body massage and relaxation. It passively works all the muscle groups in the body, increasing circulation and visibly reducing cellulite.

The full range of Power Plate equipment is certified as Class lla Medical Devices, under the European Medical Device Directive.  Not only does this indicate that each and every machine is manufactured to the highest European health and safety standards, but that they can be prescribed as part of a wider medical treatment program to assist with a variety of ailments or conditions. 

How the Power Plate Delivers Such Amazing Benefits

Power Plate machines use the principles of Acceleration Training to stimulate yourbody's natural response to vibration.

Using PrecisionWave™ Technology – a high-fidelity harmonic vibration system – this revolutionary training technique delivers controlled waves of energy racing throughout your body.

These vibrations cause your muscles to respond with rapid fire contractions – between 25 and 40 times per second.

What's truly exceptional about Power Plate's technology is that it engages 95 percent of your muscle fibres, including the fast and super-fast muscle fibres.

A workout on traditional gym equipment uses only about 20 percent of your total muscle fibres – the slow twitch fibres.

A near-total muscle fibre employment translates into a higher-intensity workout, probably unlike anything you've ever experienced. Acceleration training exercise enhances your performance while it increases the efficiency of your workout.

With the Power Plate machine, you get a complete, full-body workout incorporating stretching, balance, core, strength-building and massage, all in only as little as 25 minutes.

Power Plate's Patented 2-Motor Systems Truly Delivers a 3-D Workout

With many other Whole Body Vibration machines, you may experience a side-to-side type of motion – a "wobble board" effect. Your experience with Power Plate is drastically different. They own the patent on the revolutionary two motor systems that provide a 3-D workout.

Your muscles' contractions work in multiple dimensions as the Power Plate machines oscillate in all three planes (see diagram). This is what's known as "tri-planar movement."

And this is exactly what the human body is designed to do.

When the Power Plate equipment vibrates up and down ("Z"), you improve muscle tone. Left to right ("X") and front to back ("Y") movements enhance your balance and coordination.

The net result is an improvement in strength and power. With regular Acceleration Training exercise, you will likely see and feel results within the first few weeks. Results such as increased strength and flexibility, enhanced muscle definition and tone, and reduced cellulite and body fat.

Power Plate pro5 machine


Power Plate's Patented 2-Motor Systems Truly Delivers a 3-D Workout



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