Get fit for your big day and target those trouble areas. Cathy Howes from You and Your Wedding Magazine and Helen Crockett at Brides Magazine, both put the Power Plate “6 Week Challenge” to the test. When you are battling with tight schedules and an array of wedding appointments, Power Plate is the perfect solution as the instructor-led class is just 25 minutes. Popular with athletes and A-Listers for a while now - Dannii Minogue used it to shed all her baby weight. Not only does it improve muscle tone, strength and your fitness levels, but it's great at reducing cellulite, improving overall well-being and fitness - it's anti-ageing too!

And don’t forget the groom. Power Plates are for the men too - used by football clubs, elite athletes and golfers, so why not choose a quick and effective workout that you can both enjoy together!

Support and encourage each other to get in the best shape in time for your wedding day.
20% off any package or course when bought together           (excluding memberships and special offers)

The “6 Week Challenge” offers Acceleration Training to give long lasting results in record time. The 25 minute instructor-led Power Plate “6 Week Challenge”classes, include a series of high intensity dynamic exercises to give you a full body work out, ending with a lymphatic massage to significantly reduce cellulite. Each class has a maximum of five people so it’s practically personal training in a small group. The “6 week challenge” offers you three classes a week for six consecutive weeks. So whether you want to banish the bingo wings for your strapless dress, add a little lift to your décolletage, achieve a washboard tummy in time for the honeymoon or get your Groom looking his fittest, the “6 week challenge” can help you to achieve the body you’ve always dreamt of!

With all those wedding plans, by decreasing cortisol levels, the Power-Plate helps eliminate the effects of stress, making the Power-Plate a great tool for relaxation too.     



Be a Belle of a Bride - With wedding season now in full swing, you’ll want to be sure that you look your very best.

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Instructor-led Power Plate classes